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As DIFFvelopment’s resident 2020 Consultrepreneurship DIFF Advisor, Monique Greenwood will be tapping into her entrepreneurial experience and expertise to guide 13 Consultrepreneurs through the process of putting together a solid business concept that inherently builds wealth and fosters broader entrepreneurship within a notable element of the global black community. In addition to providing students with intellectual guidance, Monique will play a powerful role in shaping each student’s entrepreneurial development and professional future.

Through DIFFvelopment’s programming

Through DIFFvelopment programming, over 600 black college students have been empowered to understand the possibilities of entrepreneurship as a viable career option, the steps involved in creating generational wealth, and how to prepare and execute a fully fleshed-out community-minded business concept. Previous graduates have left the program continuing to develop and expand their business, and once the 2020 Consultrepreneurs graduate on August 14th, there will be 33 Consultrepreneurship alums.

About DIFFvelopment:

DIFFvelopment is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization with the mission of “Re-empowering people of African descent one student at a time.” It fulfills its mission by addressing the lack of black generational wealth through culturally specific entrepreneurial and financial programs that empower college students of African descent to overcome socioeconomic barriers and build generational wealth.

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