Global Black Development Done DIFFerently

We create historically and globally conscious Black visionary leaders who believe in Black business, take responsibility for developing solutions to the issues Black people face and have unshakeable pride and confidence in themselves.

How We Do It

We arm aspiring Black visionaries from around the globe with deep understanding of how to overcome the racial disparities impacting them today, a new empowering narrative to tell their history, a safe space to belong to and first-rate entrepreneurial and financial direction from Black business professionals with diverse perspectives.

Fill the knowledge of self gap

Help us continue delivering action-oriented empowering economic Africana history to the aspiring Black visionaries who need it the most.






Days Remaining

Foster self-reliance   

Support the creation of philanthropic Black-owned businesses that are committed to building wealth and fostering entrepreneurship within the global Black community.

Bridge the racial wealth gap

Unite with us in ensuring every aspiring Black visionary has access to the culturally specific entrepreneurial and financial resources and tools they need to overcome barriers and build sustainable wealth.

Invest in Sustainable Black Empowerment

Your donation will support transformative re-educational programming that will create thousands of Black visionary entrepreneurs and philanthropists by 2023.


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It’s Time to Shift the Black Trajectory

Not only do aspiring Black visionaries deserve to have access to the tools and resources necessary to actualize their dreams, they also deserve to understand how their history and identity shape the way they should leverage such assets to improve the world around them.

Our revolutionary programming empowers through analytical economic Africana history training and action-oriented entrepreneurial and financial education.

Re-education that Re-empowers

Join our movement and become a leading force behind transformative Black economic thought, wealth-building and philanthropy.


Through our virtual Africana-centered life-changing programs, we inculcate aspiring Black visionaries with the practical skills, human resources and mindset needed to become globally conscious visionary leaders who are equipped to build sustainable personal, generational and communal wealth through entrepreneurship, intentional financial planning and philanthropy.